Export Business

In the export business, we mainly deal with health foods, delivering raw materials with characteristics ranging from basic nutrients to functional materials in a form that is easy to consume.

In addition, I am convinced that supplements that provide a quick and well-balanced intake of nutrients to cope with the ever-changing food environment will be essential for a smarter way of life in the future.

Agriculture Business

We deal in all kinds of fruits and vegetables that can be stably supplied, focusing on plant factory vegetables (leafy greens that are systematically and consistently cultivated and managed throughout the year) and colorful food ingredients (fruit and root vegetables).

We also deal in frozen foods and soy meat products in order to respond to the SDGs' efforts to reduce environmental impact through food loss prevention.

Materials Business

We sell hygiene materials for the food industry (gloves, masks, adhesive mats, etc.) and food inspection equipment (petri dishes, autoclaves, stomacher bags, etc.), as well as consumables for food applications.

We also sell consumables for industrial applications, such as disposable products (clean gloves, masks, inner caps, non-woven fabric binders, adhesive films, etc.) and custom-made products (plastic plate processing, pipe assembly processing, etc.).