Avocado (half)

This is a half cut of creamy avocado.

You can use them as they are, or you can cut them into any size or shape you like.

Avocado (puree)

Avocados are ground into a paste.

Nothing is added, so you can enjoy the natural taste of avocado.


This is a cut pumpkin that can be eaten directly after thawing.

This eliminates the need for labor-intensive cutting, so you can prepare salads, soups, etc. in a short time.

Sweet potato(cut into large chunks

Sweet potatoes with skin cut into pieces, made from "Beniazuma" from Vietnam. It can be used after natural defrosting.

It is easy and convenient to use.


This is a half mango from Vietnamese.

You can use it as it is for a gorgeous dessert.

The large mango halves can also be used for die-cutting and other purposes.


It is not only sweet but also sour, making it indispensable for sweets.

It is a convenient product that can be used all year round.

Golden kiwi (sliced)

Golden kiwis are sliced into rounds and cut so that the cross section can be seen, making them ideal for toppings such as desserts.


This orange has an exceptional bright color and sweet taste.

It also shows its power in sweets.

Mango puree

It has a rich apple mango flavor and taste, so it can be used in desserts and baking.

Strawberry puree

This is a popular strawberry juice with gooey pulp.

It is a delicious and convenient product that can be used as a dessert.